Farma of Rhodes: One of the best things to do in Rhodes for 2018

Have fun interacting with animals. Feed them, pet them or take a selfie. This interactive experience is clearly one of the best things to do in Rhodes for 2018.

If you are tired visiting Zoos and Farms and just watching the animals, we have something completely new for you. For the last two years, Farma of Rhodes has really made the difference. In an area of 34.000 s.m.ostriches as well as many other animal species such as, donkeys, deers, kangaroos, boars, pony, lamas, camel, dwarf goats, sheep, hares and many other animals await you to visit them and play with them. You can not only see the animals but you can also pet them, play with them, feed them their favourite food, and even take a selfie! At the same time you can learn more things about these species, in a fun and extraordinary way.

Nevertheless, the best part of Farma of Rhodes is the “Ostrich Interaction Zone”. Visitors enter the enclosure and interact with baby ostriches with the guidance of trained staff. It is totally fun and safe even for small children.

The whole tour lasts about 90 minutes and after that you can make a stop to the Farma’ s store, where you can find natural products, exclusively cultivated and produced in the Farma. Olive oil from the Farma’s fields, ostrich cosmetic products, local herbs and many many more.

One of the best things to do while being at the Farma is to visit the Farma’s Restaurant. In the Restaurant you can taste delicious ostrich omelet, ostrich burger or fillet as long as wild boar burger, which is one of the Farma’s most popular dishes.

So if you are in Rhodes, don’t miss a visit to the Farma of Rhodes, one of the best and most interesting things to do in Rhodes for 2018.

Farma of Rhodes is located on the road from the West Coast to the Valley of the Butterflies, about 1,5 Km from the Valley. For more information about how to visit the Farma you can find in their official website.