Secret hidden behind the Rhodian treasured names “Tsambikos” and “Tsambika”

The Monastery of Panagia Tsambika (the virgin Mary of Tsampika) sits at the top of an imposing rock with breathtaking views. Located south east of the town, approx. 26 km. 

The road to Panagia Tsambika turns off the main Rhodes-Lindos Av, following the road signs it will take you half way.  After this point, you need to walk up the hill, following 350 steps.

It's perched high at 300m with some spectacular coastal views, both North over Kolymbia and South over Tsambika beach until Lindos, which makes the strenuous effort uphill definitely worth a try!



Local legend has it that the Monastery Panagia Tsampika has the power to perform miracles, particularly for women who have difficulty conceiving.   

If a women walks barefoot to the monastery to pray to the icon, in return, the locals usually name the boys Tsambikos and the girls Tsambika, who celebrate their Name Days on the 8th September.

Good to KNOW

The monastery is open daily and admission is free. Start your ascent early in the day to avoid the intense afternoon heat. Comfortable walking shoes are recommended for the walk.

It is advisable to bring a bottle of water with you because there are no shops or cafeterias before the decent, top up your bottle from the spring water tap.