Prasonisi Beach… where two seas meet the Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean

Prasonisi is located on the south-western tip of the island of Rhodes 92 km. from the town of Rhodes, passing awesome scenes along the way.

What is Prasonisi? Depending on the season, it is an island or peninsula. In the summer, when the water level is low, a sandy spit looms out and Prasonisi becomes a peninsula attached to Rhodes. This spit is the Prasonisi Beach, a real paradise for surfers. During the winter and the water level gets higher, the beach disappears under the sea and Prasonisi becomes an island again.

The Greek the word “prasonisi” precisely means “Green Island”. During the summer June - September the vegetation is dry and burnt by the sun, however, in spring and early summer it is a real oasis of greenery.

At the southern point of Prasonisi you will reach the abandoned lighthouse we guarantee that you will remember the wonderful scenes from this point… for a long time!

The closest Greek village is Kattavia, but on Prasonisi you will find motels, tourist supermarkets, restaurants and windsurfing rentals, seasonally opened.

The beach is surrounded by seas on both sides. Two seas! The Aegean Sea on one side and the Mediterranean on the other from May to September strong winds blow on Prasonisi. The Aegean Sea is rough with large waves just perfect for advanced surfers. The Mediterranean is calm with flat water suitable for beginners.

The sandy Prasonisi Beach is ideal for relaxing and sunbathing by the seas, or for those who want more, just go for a long walk around the island-peninsula of Prasonisi, with some breathtaking views!