The Boom of Tourist Arrivals in Rhodes for May 2018!

Citing data from Fraport Greece, the Management Organization representing 14 regional airports, screen the growth for May 2018 with respect to passenger arrivals by charters and low cost flights to Rhodes showing a high performance, and a noteworthy increase in arrivals for last month.

The total arrivals display an increase of 23.5%.  According to the records from Fraport a total of 303,465 passengers arrived in May 2018 in comparison to 245,544 in May 2017. 

A significant growth in arrivals, as the table shows, Germany leads, followed by the English and Swedish markets; also in the top 5, passenger arrivals from France, Finland and Israel were equally optimistic.

The progress in May 2018 predicts a great start for the season in Rhodes!

Table of arrivals/departures May 2018