Underwater diving experience in Rhodes

Νot surprisingly, an estimated 4 million tourists opt for underwater diving in Greece. 

In Rhodes Scuba and Snorkeling diving are always high on the list of options, with tranquil waters and exciting rock formations, underwater reefs and plenty of marine life.

Situated in the south-easternmost extremity of the Hellenic National territory, the island boasts, 1.407 km2 in surface and no less than 250km of coastline, dimensions that make Rhodes the largest in the Dodecanese and fourth in Greece!

The unsurpassable azure of the Rhodian sea makes this environment ideal for diving, given its excellent degree of translucency and underwater visibility, its exceptional biodiversity, some admittedly impressive underwater geological formations, the highly diversified ecosystem and the presence of several protected or rare species (such as the Posidonia algae fields, the Caretta Caretta sea turtles, the mini shrimp, endemic from the island of Symi).

Marine ecosystems around the Mediterranean are typified by a high diversity of species as in Rhodes and nowhere else in the world), such as Posidonia Oceanica, a marine angiosperm present on sandy sea bottoms around the island.



On rocky sea beds, located in Kallithea, Agios Pavlos, Ladiko, the Anthony Quinn bay, front of the Aquarium and the Psaropοula seafront. Scuba divers have the possibility to admire an incredible variety of algae and fauna, many of which have come to establish in our seas only recently, for example (Lessepsian migrants,  Fistularia Commersonii, Synaptula reciprocans, Caulerpa racemosa, var. cylindracea) having found their way to the Mediterranean through the Suez canal.  In Kolymbia scuba divers are met with unique underwater sea, perfect for beginner divers.

Underwater ravines, precipices and cave complexes may be visited in the marine area of Lindos and Pefki (sites of Agios Pavlos, Pentanisos, Cleobulus’ Tomb, Ginas), unveiling some quite impressive specimens of sponges and corals in the brightest shades of orange, yellow and mauve.  Meanwhile, the humblest underwater cavesare home to Plesionika Narval, the world-renowned mini shrimp of Symi, a much sought after seafood delicacy.

Scuba diving off Apolakkia, a site included in Natura 2000 area may hold the most pleasant surprises to divers: expect a meeting with ‘Caretta Caretta’ turtles and perhaps the Mediterranean seals of the ‘Manachus Monachus’  species.

For those daredevil scuba divers in quest of a ship wreck exploration thrill, the impressive ship wrecks off the Rhodian coast, such as, “Argo” off Kritika beach as well as “Giannoula K” in Plimmyri, a promise of some breath-taking underwater photos!