Al Mirqab Luxury Yacht Sailing in the Aegean waters

Prime Minister of Qatar, Jasim Al Thani and his family arrived in Rhodes on one of the largest superior motor yachts ever built  the “Al Mirqab”.

This visit was not advertised as the family preferred not to be a part of the paparazzi siege.  

The “Al Mirqab  anchored in the old abattoir harbor near to the new marina, due to security reasons, rather docking in the port of Rhodes.  

The Jasim Al Thani family along with their personal security team, were accompanied by shipping agent Tonia Hatzimichalis / Karayanides Travel  on a visit the Old Town of Rhodes, for sightseeing, shopping and for sure a taste of the Rhodians local cuisine.

The Al Mirqab yacht is one of the largest and most luxurious boats in the world, with a crew of 61, a Greek captain and chef, nice choice!!  With a swimming pool, helipad, jacuzzi cinema, five suites and cost $ 300 million makes the yacht the sixth largest in the world. 

Regarding the safety of the vessel apparently a German missile system and special radar crew are also on board.

The Prime Minister of Qatar and his family previously visited Crete and Karpathos, after Rhodes the yacht will continue to the island of Santorini.