Lemonade "Gia.. giamas": Gold Award for superior taste yummy!!!

CONGRATULATIONS!  Mrs. Marika, born in Samos, living with her family in Rhodes  received the Gold Star Award from the ITQI International institute of Flavor and Quality, based in Brussels, for the production of FRESH homemade Lemonade of  “Gia ... giamas”.

This amazing homemade lemonade from the heart of the grandmother, “Gia… giamas” is the best one you’ll ever taste!   Made with freshly squeezed lemon juice and floating lemon slices, of choice, it’s the most refreshing lemonade recipe ever!  Served in a traditional jar, which meet all the requirements of a preservative-free, gluten-free, antioxidant and vitamin C-based on natural product from selected Greek fruits.

Grandmother, “Gia… giamas” Mrs. Marika welcomes, heartily, to her home offering fresh lemonade, made with water and ice cubes with lemons slices floating if you like.  A traditionally recipe passed down through generations in her family and renowned to grandparents in Greece.

Nothing quenches your thirst more on a hot summer day than a nice tall glass of fresh lemonade.  Especially with a lemonade made by Gia..giamas, with freshly squeezed lemons!  Once you try this amazing homemade lemonade recipe of Marika’s, you’ll never want to drink lemonade from a supermarket, not to mention the lemon powder … ever again.

Mrs. Marika’s freshly squeezed lemonade is all natural, made with real lemons that you squeeze yourself.  No creepy chemicals – just real fresh lemons!