Safety, Confidence  and well‐being  for the visitors in Rhodes

The Deputy Ambassador of Great Britain, James Bryce visited the Mayor of Rhodes, Mr. Fotis Hatzidiakos to discuss issues of mutual interest in Rhodes.

The Mayor of Rhodes  and the Deputy Ambassador,  Mr. Bryce accompanied by the British Consul in Rhodes,  Mrs .Rania Kossiori exchanged views on further promoting collaboration for the security on the island and  co-operation with the British residents  residing  in Rhodes. 

Mr. Bryce mentioned, amiably, that the relations between the community of Rhodes and the British tourist’s movements to Rhodes are steadily increasing, regarding Brexit, Mr. Bryce assured that this will not affect tourism to Rhodes, agreeing that this is a mutual agreement between the international cooperation within fundamental strong relations with Greece and Great Briton.



The deputy Ambassador Mr. Bryce thanked the Municipality for their assistance and the support for 2.500 British residents recorded to-date in Rhodes.  Mr. Bryce scheduled visit for a meeting with the British residents in November this year, to assess mutual issues. 

The Major also referred to the regular mooring of the British Naval Forces ships on  break from duties in the Mediterranean.   In a recent conference the representatives from all over the world, voiced that  “ Rhodes is one of the safest destinations in the world, we are always continuously training staff and improving the safety for our residents and the visitors to the island”. 



Mr. Hatzidiakos also mentioned the high level of security in the Commercial Port of Rhodes and that the 3.5 million  budget will improve further on security & safety in the harbor of Rhodes.

Mr. Bryce’s visit also paid a visit to the Vice Governor Mr. John Flevaris.