Diving in the Aegean Sea

The waters around the island of Rhodes provide a remarkable underwater experience, for snorkelers or for divers there is so much to see beneath the sea. 

The clarity of the water and its temperature makes diving one of the best professional career or hobbies.  

In addition to the colorful fish, sea life and flora, wrecks where recently found on the island.

A German aircraft that crashed during World War II, was discovered off the coast of Rhodes, and  shortly  a tribute will be published  in the “Scuba Diver” magazine.  

Mr. Stuart Philpot/Author came to Rhodes at the end of June ,  a guest from the Tourism Division of the Municipality of Rhodes, reporting on the findings in the dive experience  in the seas around the island.

The Water Hoppers Diving school were offered the opportunity to work for the technical group Aegean Dive Tec.,    specializing in dives around the island all year round.  The purpose of this project was to highlight and to promote a new form of alternative tourism for Rhodes, to develop their discoveries in the sea.

Mr. Stuart Philpott arrived in Rhodes on June 30 and together with the Aegean Tec group made two dives on 3 and 4 July, on the East coast of the island.   At approx. 75 meter’s in depth, the German plane was  discovered. 

On a  Facebook  post he talked about the  aircraft wreck recently discovered in Rhodes the  German plane, type Junkers  JU-52 that was found almost intact, missing only the engine and the glass cockpit canopy, for obvious reasons he did not indicate the exact location, pointing out that  the Aegean Dive Tec.,  group of deep sea diving discovered the wreck with the help of GPS, and was invited to take pictures of the plane in order to write an historical article of events.

Mr. Philpott noted that he was impressed by everything that he saw when he was diving, and noticed on the aircraft that the cockpit contains all of the components and systems at that time, likewise the machine guns were intact.  

Stuart Philpott describes that all doors of the fuselage still were closed.  The Windows were so small that no one could penetrate them to see the contents, however, the reports show that paratroopers where travelling with three crew pilots.  The two divers involved in this search will continue to hunt for more data during future attempts.

A tribute to the discovery of the German Junkers aircraft constructed 1931-194 only leads to more intriguing investigation, within two months more information will be exposed. The article which will be published by the “Scuba Diver” magazine, shortly to come out, will cover the history and fascinating photos of the aircraft.

Admiration for the German aircraft Junkers JU-52   which went down,  surprisingly still in great condition.  A great accomplishment from the diving team of Rhodes and the visions acquired by author/ reporter Mr. Stuart Philpott diving with them!