House of plates

The stone-paved alleys in the village of Koskinou, just 7k from Rhodes Town, are pleasant for strolls. The houses here are among the few in Rhodes that retain the old-style architecture.

You can see large limestone doorframes (pyliones) leading to flower-filled patios, and even the newer houses are painted in bright colors. Indoors, they have pebble floors, and usually a main room with a big arch and auxiliary spaces.

The piatelotichos – a big wall covered with the typical Rhodian decorative plates – is impressive, and so is the roof made from wooden beams covered with patelia, a clay-rich soil that doesn’t absorb water. You can see all these in the Koskinou Traditional House, built in 1902.

Of the residences on the island that are open to the public it’s one of the most impressive. 

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(Source: “GREECE IS RHODES”, 2017-2018 ISSUE)