Survey from a Danish Tour Operator

According to a survey from one of the largest tour operators namely Spies from Denmark (part of the Thomas Cook Group) a survey was handed out to  Danish Tourists vacating our island which proved that Rhodes is one of the  cheapest resorts in  Europe out of 5  with respect to shopping for food from the  local market. 

The cost of buying 10 basic food products e.g., milk, bread, fruit from a local supermarket in Rhodes costs €15.2, almost €10 cheaper than the corresponding values in Denmark. 

Four other cheap destinations recorded from this survey show that Gran Canary and Mallorca in Spain,   Madeira in Portugal and Alanya in Turkey also proved ‘value for money’ for clients who prefer self-catering holidays.

The survey was based on 5 countries;

Spain (Gran Canary)  kr 138.75. -  €13.5 

 Spain (Mallorca)   kr 147.60 - €14

 Portugal (Madeira) kr 152.05 - € 14.8

 Turkey (Alanya)   kr 153.50  - €15 

 Greece (Rhodes) kr 156.60 -  €15.2

Denmark   kr 250.45 -  € 24.3

A range of products included in the survey were; butter (225 g), 2 bottles of soft drinks 1.5 litre, 6 medium eggs, nutella (200 gr.), tuna in water (200 gr.), ketchup (570 g), 1 kilo tomatoes, 1 large cucumber and 1 liter of milk, the cost of these items were individually researched, comparing the prices from local food stores or from tourist shops nearby.

Approximately 350.000 Danish tourists choose holidays to islands with sunshine!  A worthwhile note; 70% of Spies bookings select accommodation in self-catering studios/apartments for summer holidays, proving that the cost of food purchases is of importance to their ‘pocket’.

A well worth survey in favor of Rhodes and other European destinations!