8 reasons to re-visit Rhodes

• A walk around the world’s best preserved medieval city IS ESSENTIAL.  The Old town, included on the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites, an impressive complex of palaces, towers and water fountains.  The streets of the Knights lead to the Palace of the Grand Master, worth visiting!

• Visit the Valley of the Butterflies, where the Tiger moths gather to mate between mid-June and late September creating a colorful and beautiful spectacle! Enjoy a lift to the summit with the the Butterfly train, less stress on you feet!



• Explore Seven Springs, with artificial lakes, waterfalls, hills, and a dark tunnel that may be passed through in a crouched position.

• Go windsurfing or kitesurfing in Prasonisi, a popular location for water surfing enthusiast.

• Explore the archeological sites; just see the remains of a Doric temple at the Ancient Acropolis of Ilaysos.  A monumental fountain dating back to the 4th century BC, located on the southern slope of the hill.  A visit to Kamiros, the ancient settlement which has survived almost in its entirety.



• A must to see, enjoy the magnificent view from the medieval castles in the village of Monolithos and Kritinia.

• Want to try, the traditional delights, such as melekouni made with sesame seeds, thyme honey, almonds, orange peel, bergamot and a mix of spices, which can be found at the local major supermarkets and tourist shops. 

• Visit Lindos and its archaeological site, one of Greece’s most significant. The remains from the temple of Dionysus and theatre survive. The village’s disguised homes built from the 16th – 189th C.  by sea captains, displaying the coats of arms at their entrances, a highlight to view.