The Gastronomy of the Southern Aegean Islands highlighted in the French newspaper “Le Figaro”

Rhodes belongs to the South Aegean Region, which was awarded with the title “The Gastronomy Region of Europe 2019” a great distinction  not only for the South Aegean but also for the whole of Greece!

In the Business Report from the well-known French newspaper “Le Figaro” a particular flattening article with positive comments on the Gastronomy of the South of the Aegean islands. 

The tribute published a few days ago begins with Odysseus Elytis' famous phrase: "If you disintegrate Greece, in the end you will see an olive tree, a vineyard and a ship, which means that with so much you make it up again", noting that it is not difficult to understand this, especially if you have traveled to the Aegean Sea, where people, farms and the sea of Greece engage in an undistorted tradition since Hippocrates, the father of medicine, called the island of Kos in 400 BC his house.



The article also refers to the fact that the South Aegean has attained the title of the “European Capital of Culture for 2019”  for the local gastronomic festivals taking place on the islands.  Mr Hatzimarkos, South Aegean Regional Governor, spoke of the cluster of 50 islands responsible for 40% of the country's tourism market,  the article refers to the significant role played by the producers of the islands  engaging in cultivation of olive oil,  honey,  Kattavia's - beans , Kos - tomatoes, Kaparthos – macaroni,  and stuffed vine leaves “giapraki” from Rhodes.

Worth mentioning the Paris-based Le Figaro newspaper attracts 24.2 million French people who read the news every month , printed & followed by the digital media…