Just do it!  An adventure on the sea...

Sunscreen, spare bathing suits, cameras, hats, sunglasses of you go!  Onboard for a fun filled boat trip for those who love the sun, sea of the Aegean Sea with countless shades of blue. 

Sea adventures, a time to relax, sit back and take in the aroma of the crystal waters and some breathtaking scenes on the way.

The majority of boats leave from the Mandraki harbor at 09.00 in the morning, every day, better to get there 30 minutes before the boats depart.  You will see a great selection of sailing locations on the East Coast for young and old, especially for families with children who enjoy the boat trip with enthusiasm. 

In most of the boats the Captains deck is always open for the passengers especially for children that want to have a go at helping steer the boat.

What could be better, lots of fun swimming & snorkeling off the boat that stop at some of the best bays in Rhodes;  Anthony Quinn, Tsambika,  Kalithea Spa, Traganou Bay in Afandou and Stegna.  Lunch is included on most of the boats, which is either a buffet on board or the chance to go on small boats ashore, for a quick bite at some carefully selected tavernas. 

After a full adventure sailing on a boat which returns to the Mandraki harbor at 17:00 approximately, for sure you will have unforgettable memories and plenty of photos to take back on land with you.

Visitors say…  “An amazing day that ends too soon!”



Kallithea Springs

The facilities at Kallithea were first inaugurated by the Italians with great officialdom on 1 July 1929 and attracted large numbers of patients and scientists from all over the world. The springs have been famous since the time of Ancient Greece for their beneficial healing properties of the red waters flowing from the surrounding rocks. In August and September crowds of visitors regularly came to the area and set up makeshift camps in the surrounding area to be near the spring.

Since the time of the Dorian Hexapolis and the time of the Knights, the spring has attracted visitors from the surrounding islands and the coasts of Asia Minor and as far away from the depths of the Orient. The spring was a meeting place for the Orthodox Christians, Muslims and Jews.

The Political governor at this time Mario Lago, took the initiative to conduct a systematic study of its waters known to the locals as 'Tsillonero' after the cleansing properties in 1912. The survey was conducted by the distinguished hydrologists and doctors under Gustave Gasperini. After the death of Gasperini his son Carlo took over his work, along with the person who was later to become the director of the curative springs, Enea Brunetti.

In December 1928 the first buildings were constructed and considered as Royal grounds in order to guarantee its perfect function. The work was assigned to Pietro Lombardi whose plans made it one of the best architectural creations of that period.

The waters of Kallithea were suitable for the treatment for conditions such as arthritis, skin conditions, obesity, diabetes, tropical diseases, dysentery, malaria, allergies, asthma, cystitis, diarrhea and intestinal conditions.

Kallithea Springs - Reborn

After years of abandonment and neglect the Kallithea town council and the Major agreed to make extensive restoration of the magnificent springs which were restored to their earlier glory with tremendous effort and was successfully opened once again to the public on July 1st, 2007. 

For over 10 years the Kallithea Springs have been welcoming visitors to the magical areas of the beautifully renovated premises situated besides the sea. A unique combination of nature, architecture and history, offering visitors the opportunity to enjoy a special cinematic experience!

The unique architecture of the Kallithea Springs complex and the grandeur of the space, with the pebble stone mosaics, the Rotonta Hall , the terrace, the impressive patio and the staircases at the entrance create a nostalgic cinematic backdrop.

The picturesque bay with the crystal clear waters, the impressive seabed and the palm trees is organized with all the modern facilities and is very popular during summer months. The historic café has been expanded and stylishly restored serving from morning till late and operating also as a beach bar.



The Butterfly Valley of Rhodes

The Butterfly Valley is a natural beuty, and an uforgettable experience. A peaceful walk enjoyed by everyone through the shadedlush green valley with a small stream running through it. The site is beautifully arranged, with little wooden bridges and stone steps. You are always surrounded by butterflies camouflaging themselves, hidden on the tree trunks as you walk up towards summot where the monastery of ‘Kalopetra’ dedicated to the Virgin Mary, was built in 1780.  Not to be missed!


The Butterfly Valley (Petaloúdes) is located in the northern part of the island, 26 km from the town of Rhodes and 6 km from the western coast. Starting from Rhodes city you will find the valley between the villages Paradísi and Theológos along a small road that heads inland.


Visitors can witness a spectacular phenomenon which rarely occurs in nature. Huge numbers of butterflies (PanaxiaQuadripunctaria) congregate in this small valley during the final stage of their life cycle. Every year, at the end of the wet season (late May), thousands of butterflies are attracted by the scent of the Oriental Sweetgum trees which cover the entire landscape.

They are actually adult moths that follow the waterways and migrate to reproduce in the valley (females leave for other suitable areas to lay their eggs in the early fall) due to the high humidity of the area. The butterflies appear between mid-June until September.

In recent years the butterflies were also found in the forest of Mount Filerimos in Ialissos.