A book which speaks out to everyone “Villa of Secrets” by Patricia Wilson

The presentation of the book from the writer Patricia Wilson on the displacement of the Jews of Rhodes was a great success!  Present, The International Center for Writers and Translators of Rhodes (ICRC) and The Municipality of Rhodes presented   the book “Villa of Secrets" by British writer Patricia Wilson in collaboration with British Consulate in Rhodes and the Israeli Community of Rhodes.

The book which refers to a dramatic events in Rhodes, the displacement of the Rhodes Jews in the Auschwitz camp in 1944, combining mystery, shame, humanity, and family secrets that are revealed in a staggering way at the end of the novel.

Patricia Wilson is from Liverpool,  UK,  upon her retirement shedecided to live in  Greece, originally in Crete and in recent years currently  living in Rhodes.

Her first book "Island of Secrets" was released in 2017 and quickly  was ‘sold out’ from Amazon. Continuing the success  of the first book,  in February 2018, the second book  "Villa of Secrets" was released, also sold by Amazon's which went straight on to the best seller list!

Quoting the writer “Rhodes inspiration, with its great history and the beauty of the landscape and its people.The stories she listened to from the residents from the Paradisi village, where she resides, sparked off the start,  andexplored the island's history and eventually the book "Villa of Secrets".

Patricia Wilson belongs to the class of writers who work closely together and show the functioning of the ICRC, the seal of universality. Her new book depicts the troubled historical period of the Second World War, which is visible to people and monuments in the streets of the Medieval Town of Rhodes. We must publicly thank her and congratulate her on her creative writing,says Deputy Mayor of Culture, Sport and Medieval City, Mr. Teris Hadjiioannou.

Her UK associate in Rhodes, Rania Kossiori, spoke about her acquaintances with Patricia Wilson.  Mrs. Kossiori was impressed by her creative stubbornness, which helped her overcome her personal problems, her passion and thirst for life, characteristics that the reader can see in her books adding that Patricia Wilson continues on the literary steps of her fellow countryman, Lawrence Darrell, who lived and wrote in Rhodes.

IRSM translator, Mrs.Eleftheria Binikou, reviewed the book, briefly presenting the main characters of the book that History and Fate have sealed their deeds and lives.However, will perseverance, self-denial, determination and above all, love for their family and people, toresolve life's dead ends and lead heroes with optimism in the future.

Mrs. Binikou also referred to the writing qualities of Patricia Wilson, which builds her characters with conviction and balances the past with today with great dexterity.

Patricia Wilson, when she spoke, she was clearly excited, and thanked all attendees for the backup, explaining  how she had the need to put her thoughts and feelings on paper, and how her time living in Greece changed her life and helped her to become aware of its abilities.In particular, referring to Rhodes, speaking Greek, she said “ it was an incredibly lovely island that has suffered from a tough and turbulent past. Today, the island struggles to cope with the great economic difficulties that have plagued the country for many years, but the Greeks, with their warm heart and big smiles will not be defeated.

The inhabitants of Rhodes have encountered many hardships in the past and their determination to overcome the stumbling blocks is shocking. It is about this great power of the spirit, the love for tradition, the dedication to the family and the determination that makes every tourist want to come again, stealing the hearts of the visitors. I was not lucky to be born here, but like many of you, I made the island my home.My name is Patricia Wilson, I am 69 years old and Ihave lived in Greece for 24 years.” 

On closing her speech, the author read from the book one of the most moving and revealing chapters of the book, with heaps of congratulation applauses from the Deputy Mayor of Culture, Sport and the Medieval Town, Mr. Teris Hadjiioannou, Colonel Vasiliadis from 95 ADE, Mrs. Carmen Koen from the Israeli Community of Rhodes, Mrs. Rania  Kossiori, British Consulate and otherfriends attending the presentation of her book.

“Villa of Secrets” sold by AMAZON – Don’t wait it’s hot on the sellers list!