Discover an Italian Ghost Town in Rhodes

The island’s Italian rulers established four farming villages, which they populated with settlers: San Benedetto (present-day Kolymbia), San Marco (now Aghios Pavlos), Peveragno (Kalamonas) and Campochiaro (Eleousa). Their goal was to control agricultural production and to impose their rule on the island’s countryside.

Eleousa, located at the foot of Mt Profitis Ilias (36k from Rhodes Town), is an especially interesting sight. Built in 1935, it was home to the northern Italian foresters who replanted and looked after the forests. Among the deserted buildings, you’ll see the Church of Aghios Charalambos, as well as an impressive building which used to be the village’s market house, featuring galleries, arched windows and rooms with big fireplaces.

Next to it stands a building that first operated as a cinema, then became the Fascist Party headquarters (Casa del Fascio) and was finally converted into a sanatorium in 1947.



The third building you’ll see was once a school; today, it houses the fire service. A few meters further ahead, you’ll also come across a huge tank that gathers water from the Koskinisti spring. This is one of the few habitats of the gizani, a small freshwater fish endemic to Rhodes.

(source: “GREECE IS RHODES” 2017-2018 ISSUE)