Rhodes: The hidden places never recognized…  A tribute from Spain!

A multifaceted tribute to the Rhodes aired by the Spanish television network EiTB, Chiloe - Travel Show  program.

Euskal Irrati Telebista - EiTB is the first communication group in the Basque country, gathering five TV channels, five radio stations, and a website viewed by more than 3 million.

The EiTB production team filmed the ‘International Marathon’ which took place earlier this year in Rhodes.  A full cover of the island literally from  ‘end to end’ during that time the team recorded all of the points of interest,  not only covering  the local residents domain  but enlightening the tourists to discover all the natural beauties and every aspect of daily life.  

The well-known and lesser-crowded beaches versus small villages where you will hardly find any tourists;  also widows dressed in black who live in traditional villages houses; these are only a few of the contrasts you would be confronted with when visiting Rhodes.  



The massive influx of sun-worshippers makes Rhodes a less obvious destination for hiking an island of contrasts, Rhodes has areas where you can walk for hours without seeing any tourists,  such great possibilities offered from the destination for outdoor activities, and  the warm hospitality of the residents.

The results of the trip, organized by the South Aegean region, with the support of the departments from EOT,  Italy-Spain, Greece, marketing of Aegean Airlines and  the Organizing Committee of the ‘International Marathon of Rhodes’, was a show also focusing on the local gastronomy , with a second, separate broadcast lasting 55 minutes, which brought  out all the tourists attractions of Rhodes to the unimaginable.

The popular presenter of the show, known chef and long-distance runner, Zigor Iturrieta Ruiz, ran in the race and loved Rhodes, the local cuisine and its residents.  Apart from the two shows the production team has created various other smaller themed videos, which are viewed through the channels of the Spanish television.   

Finally, the production team leader, journalist Alberto Arizkorreta signed a two-page tribute to Rhodes in the EiBT group media magazine.  A tribute posted on social networks and from the Greek Embassy in Spain.