Around the island of Rhodes in 42 hours!

Ben Moorhouse from England, has successfully completed this year’s target, to walk around the island of Rhodes in less than 48 hours.

Ben along with his partner, Gaynor Thompson, have been walking dozens of kilometers in memory of Steve Prescott, a professional rugby league footballer, who died of cancer.

Both of them contribute to the battle against cancer disease by raising money for charity through the Steve Prescott foundation in the memory of the English athlete. Additionally, they promote tourism in Rhodes, which is the island of their heart, through interviews and photographs.

This year the effort was the most difficult one comparing with the previous attends through the last years. Ben had to deal with time and a very long distance. It took him less than 48 hours to walk around the whole island and he had to keep walking even when the temperature was really hot.

Ben ended his task on 8 of August at 10 pm in the Prefecture’s Building after a 42-hour walk under difficult conditions, and was welcomed by his friends and also vice governor Giannis Flevaris.

Ben and Gaynor paid a visit at Mr Flevaris’s office in the Prefecture of the South Aegean Region were the Vice Governor donated Richard Berthold's book on the history of Rhodes, along with a medal and a cup as a sign of gratitude for such an effort.

The Vice Governor made all the arrangements for a press conference, where he officially thanked the athlete for his effort to raise money for charity and to promote Rhodes as a tourist destination. He also mentioned Ben’s decision to dedicate this year's task to the people who died in the fires of Attica.

Mr. Flevaris stated that: "A very strong message is given by a great friend of Rhodes, who managed to complete huge athletic achievement such as walking around the island in 42 hours. Temperatures at this period of the year are at the highest they can get, but Ben walked the whole island to point out his message for the battles people have to give and fight against cancer. That is the way he wanted to say that cancer can be defeated.

He began this effort in the memory of a very great athlete, Steve Prescott, a British professional rugby league footballer, who gave a very tough fight even when the doctors gave him a minimum life span. He is a great friend of Rhodes, who chose our island and every year he proves that he loves the island of Southern Aegean and Greece and for that reason on behalf of the South Aegean Region, Mr. Flevaris wants to thank him for his great achievement.

We owe him a big thank you for his message for fighting against cancer and for the promotion of our island. Before arriving here, he was interviewed on BBC and he pointed out the natural beauties of Rhodes, but also mentioned about the natural disaster that our country had suffered in Attica and the willing for life to reconstruct as long as we believe it."

Ben Moorhouse, clearly overwhelmed by his effort and with his feet swollen, pointed out that even now that he has difficulty walking he is very pleased to have made his dream come true and to prove wrong these ones who didn’t believe that he would make it.

"I would like to thank everyone in Rhodes for the support on my efforts during these four years for completion of my task.

This year was the most difficult process because I had to walk around the whole island, a distance of 242 km, in 42 hours. It was the biggest challenge in my life. I always had Steve Prescott in my mind, which was the reason I was pushing even more to fulfill my desire and make the way to continue the effort.

Everybody said it was impossible to do it, but when you want to do something, you can do it. This year the route was very difficult because the distance was very long and the conditions were also difficult, "Ben said in the press conference and then added”:

"One thing Steve always said was that you might have many obstacles in your life, but you always have to keep going. The way you deal with obstacles is the way others will remember. I would like to dedicate this achievement to Steve's memory and the people who lost their lives and belongings in the fire in Athens.

This was the last test for the island of Rhodes, my dream became a reality, and now I will enjoy my holidays in the beautiful island of Rhodes. I will rest and enjoy with my friends here in the island. Friends like Mr. Flevari.

I would also like to thank Gaynor who supported me through all the previous years. This year she wasn’t next to me due to her pregnancy. I am very happy, however, because in November we are waiting for our child, a little girl. We love Rhodes and Rhodian people and we will keep promoting the island in England in every way we can. Next year we will visit the island together with our child. Rhodes is our great love."