Cherished deers & honored on Mt Prophet Elias

Albergo del Cervo–Elafos Hotel, the name derives from the presence of herds of Rhodian dears (Damadama) a hotel whichresides on the top of  Mt. Prophet Elias, beside the Byzantine monastery of the Prophet, at distance of 45km from Rhodes Town and 30km from the airport. Prophet Elias reaches a height of 798 meters.    

This amazing lodge was built in 1929 under Italian occupation then named Albergo del Cervo (Lodge of The Male Deer) due to the unique deer that inhabit the surrounding forests.

One was and now renovated with a mixed brickwork system and reinforced concrete frame which have been installed in the building. The roof is made of wooden roofs with a large slope, covered with special corrugated sheets, while the exterior of the building is thoroughly decorated with wooden details.

The buildings have a very distinctive architectural character, built like the traditional hostels of the Alps, perfectly restored, retaining the unique look of the hotel just like stepping back in time actually!



A flash-back to the past, during the Second World War, the hotel was used to accommodate the Italian officers and later as a military hospital for the Germans.In 1930, a ground floor restaurant with a large veranda, a tennis court and a dancing floor were added and later on, the second floor was constructed, replacing the veranda. 

In 1932 the building was extended with a new wing, called Elafina and was finally named Elafos and Elafina due to the deer that live in the woods nearby. 

The hotel  is currently run by the municipal of Rhodes attracting visitors from around the world, with extraordinary views of the breathtaking seas, a mansionsurrounded by  large cedars, pine and cypresses a forest of unique beauty with perfect dreamlike images to cherish and memories to take back home!

With a vast network of paths, the visitors have the opportunity to combine the authentic and qualitative hospitality with walks, mountain and street cycling, countryside archery, sports and a variety of cultural events held at the Elafos Hotel.