Tour Operator Aurinkomatkat: 55th Anniversary in Rhodes

A wonderful celebration event took place at the Olympic Palace Hotel, when 2018 is a milestone year that marks the 55th Anniversary for Aurinkomatkat, Finland’s biggest and most popular tour operator, featuring Rhodes in their program since 1963 a “key destination” for the Finns, a show of trust and excellent cooperation over the decades.

Aurinkomatkat honored their colleagues;   hotel entrepreneurs owners/managers, travel agent Mr. Ilias Kotiadis, representing  Aurinkomatkat  since 2001,  the  Deputy Mayor of Tourism Ms. Mariza Hadjilazarou, President of the Rhodes Hotel Association,  Mr. Antonis Kampourakis, President of Rhodes Hotel Managers Association,  Mr. Giorgos Matsigos,  Finnish consul in Rhodes, Akis Dimitriadis and others associated with the company.

Earlier that day Ms. Mariza Hadjilazarou, Deputy Mayor of Tourism held an official ceremony in the Town Hall in recognition for 55yrs in tourism to Rhodes.   Aurinkomatkat’s Managing Director, Mr. Timo Kousa and Director of Destinations, Mr. Pekka Antila  were presented with the honorary award in recognition of 55 years for ‘Longevity and Loyalty to the Island of Rhodes’  accompanied by Mr. Ilias Kotiadis, CEO, Top Euro Travel Net.


Later in the afternoon, Mr. Kousa, Mr. Kotiadis and Mr. Kampourakis made some powerful speeches covering the whole ceremony.  A few of the most important and reflective points of view;

Mr Kotiadis said, among other things, that for all his associates in Rhodes, Aurinkomatkat represents a "serious, trustworthy and excellent partner" following a presentation of tourism in Rhodes flashing back in time over the 50 yrs. from the start to present time.

Mr. Kousa referred to the relationship with Aurinkomatkat and Finnair, and stressed how important Rhodes was, and is now, for the Finnish tourists and how generally Greece is favored by the Finns. 

Mr. Antila gave some interesting data concerning the market share of Aurinkomatkat in various destinations to Greece and quality results based on client’s satisfaction. 



Aurinkomatkat gave to a number of hotels awards for their performance during 2017. 

For long standing cooperation 9 hotels and, Destination Management Company Top Eurotravel Net, received awards as ‘Partners in Excellence’.

In conclusion of the event Mr. Kambourakis expressed “that it is was a pleasure for the Rhodes Hoteliers, to celebrate and honor a great friendship and cooperative relationship that exists for 55 years, and said the honored Finnish agency Aurinkomatkat is not just a partner among others, it is an integral and important part of the miracle of Rhodian tourism.



The rare beauties of Rhodes, the warm and humane hospitality, and the continuous enrichment of our product, with many different thematic dimensions, create the fields and opportunities for expanding and deepening our cooperation, or your satisfied customers, who will not only be justified in choosing to visit  Rhodes.”  In conclusion Mr. Kambourakis also gave an honorary plaque to Mr. Kousa.

A wonderful celebration of SUCCESS indeed!