The "Colossus of  Rhodes" is travelling around the globe!

TUI the world's largest travel agency recently christened one of the new Boeing aircrafts with an impressive name, well-known worldwide!

TUI,  a company totally behind and supportive to Rhodes decided to promote the aircraft namely “Colossos of Rhodes” one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World – a myth still alive today!  TUI highlights the strong cooperation between the TUI group and our beautiful island, defining the importance and strategic positioning of Rhodes within the TUI program.

The brand new Boeing 737 Max, can comfortably accommodate up to 200 passengers,  already flying to Rhodes and also in the air to other Mediterranean and EU destinations, taking the aircraft “Colossus of Rhodes”  awareness even further!

TUI’s decision  follows the idea of the Dutch Carrier, Transavia,  recognizing the importance of our island to their clients when they promoted Rhodes 20 years ago when they  named one of their new aircrafts,  at that time,  "Rhodes".  

A concrete vote from TUI towards Rhodes!