Why we fall in love with Rhodes over and over again...

There is no bigger compliment a resort can receive than its guests returning and we are truly flattered with our tourists’ satisfaction in Rhodes.

With total devotion to the island, for decades,Mr. Arnold Holtzman and his wife Mrs.Esther Holtzman from Israel, celebrating 60 visits to Rhodes and Mrs.Bridie Lacey from England with 50 visitsto date.


Our lovely Rhodian devotees recently received the honorary distinction award from the Municipality of Rhodes givenby the Deputy Mayor of Tourism, International Promotion and Overseas Rhodes, Ms. Mariza Chatzilazarou at a special ceremony held  in the Town Hall of Rhodes.



Mr. & Mrs. Holtzman staying at the Plaza Hotel, were accompanied by Mr. Iakovos Ioannidis from Kariba Travel, and Mrs. Bridie Lacey,  staying at the Lindos Villas Hotel was accompanied by the Vice President of the Association of Rhodes Restaurants,  Mr. Euripides Gogo, and the President of the Association of Restaurants of Rhodes, Mr. YiannisKleva at the ceremony.



Mr. Euripides Gogos also accompanied two other repeater visitors to Rhodes Mr. Michael Keen who has visited Rhodes 24 times and Ms. Karen Fawdington 23 times from England staying in Lindos, also awarded at the sameevent.

It was clearly voiced by all of the lovely friends of Rhodes that the beauty, sea & sun, marvelous history, Greek music& food experience on the island brings them back for more, especially in the Old Town!  With emphasis “after so many years” they have met so many wonderful local friends on the island, and without a doubt they feel at home!