The Butterfly Valley of Rhodes

The Butterfly Valley is a natural beauty and an unforgettable experience.  A peaceful walk enjoyed by everyone through the shaded lush green valley and the serene stream running through it.

The site is beautifully arranged, with little wooden bridges and stone steps.  You are always surrounded by butterflies camouflaging themselves, hidden on the tree trunks, as you walk up towards the summit where the monastery of ‘Kalopetra’ dedicated to the Virgin Mary, was built in 1780.  Not to missed! 




The Butterfly Valley (Petaloúdes) is located in the northern part of the island, 26 km from the town of Rhodes and 6 km from the western coast. Starting from Rhodes city you will find the valley between the villages Paradísi and Theológos along a small road that heads inland.




Visitors can witness a spectacular phenomenon which rarely occurs in nature. Huge numbers of butterflies (PanaxiaQuadripunctaria) congregate in this small valley during the final stage of their life cycle.

fEvery year, at the end of the wet season (late May), thousands of butterflies are attracted by the scent of the Oriental Sweetgum trees which cover the entire landscape.

They are actually adult moths that follow the waterways and migrate to reproduce in the valley (females leave for other suitable areas to lay their eggs in the early fall) due to the high humidity of the area.

The butterflies appear between mid-June until September. In recent years the butterflies were also found in the forest of Mount Filerimos in Ialissos.