Natural Sea Sponges harmless and friendly to the skin

Natural sea sponges live on the seabed and are primitive animals belonging to the merchant category.  The Dodecanese islands such as Kalymnos and Symi are re-known all over Greece and worldwide, for Natural Sea Sponges.

The ancient Greeks referred to sea sponges as the 'Zoofitan' – a rare and unique category of marine species – literally meaning a “half plant/half animal” organism. Eventually Zoologists found new evidence to challenge this theory, and sea sponges were re-classified as a simple multi-cellular, bottom-dwelling animal which has neither; brains, digestive, circulatory, nor central nervous systems. 

According to this definition, while sea sponges are technically “animals,” for all practical purposes, they grow, reproduce, and survive as plants and for this reason, among other reasons, are considered as “vegan-friendly” by many vegans. 

Mediterranean sponge types;  The honeycomb sponge is almost spherical and mainly heavy and thick usually found with a dark brown  color  found in depths of 9 to 100 meters. The honeycomb's fishing grounds are mainly in Crete, the Cyclades, Euboea and the Dodecanese.   

Fina Sea Silk Mediterranean sponges are very hypoallergenic, so individuals with allergies and especially sensitive skin can enjoy how these velvety soft, dense, and super absorbent natural sponges allow for a gently exfoliating and effective cleanse even without the use of soap. Fina silk, is considered as the best and most expensive type of sponges with a wide variety.

The goodness of the natural sponges when moistened glides smoothly and softly over the face, allowing for an even application of facial products and very effective facial cleansing. Ideal as an applicator / cleanser for a variety of facial applications;

» Allergy FREE  - Cleansing and exfoliating to rejuvenate and soften the skin

» Massaging to stimulate skin cells and blood circulation

» Excellent for application of facial treatments and moisturizers,  Ideal for application and removal of cosmetics

» BABY CARE  THE Natural Sea Sponge is the softest sponge in the world! Incredibly gentle and absorbent, it is the perfect choice for bathing newborns and babies and toddlers alike!

Sponges of various sizes of very good quality can be obtained from many shops scattered around the Island. They can also be purchased from retail outlets located both in the port of Kolona in the town of Rhodes and in the area behind the taxi rank in the Mandraki.