A little bit of love goes a long way…

Aheartwarming, successful act of love for the St. Andrews Children’s Foundation in Rhodes, heaps of compassion and help!

In 2012, Rose Pakakis, a married German lady, who lives in Rhodes lost her husband in a road accident. The pain was unbearable; to fill the immense gap that was left by her husband's absence led her to the St. Andrea’s Foundation.

Mrs. Rose came into contact with the administration and the children accommodated at the Foundation, and found that despite the excellent work carried out in St. Andreas foundation, there was more needed to support the staff in the difficult tasks accomplished daily. 

A concrete decision was made by Rose to establish a club in Germany, where she lives half of the year, in order to raise money to support the foundation. 

Five years ago, precisely on  May 28, 2013 in the city of Ludwigsburg, Germany, the idea of Rose Pakakis was backed up by the creation of the "Verein zur Forderung des kinderheimes Agios Andreas ev"  launched by raising money to support the St. Andreas Foundation in Rhodes.



The idea was strengthened by the Germans who generously wanted to support her efforts until present day.  With the help of the German Church, the German Association of Rhodes and the Administration of the Welfare Institutions of Rhodes, the Rose Pakakis association based in Germany, is now dedicated to this project purely on a voluntary basis. 

Every year the German church, through special programs, covers the costs of volunteers from Germany to Rhodes, providing them with a small amount of aid to cover their basic expenses.  Initially in 2016, 4 young girls came out to Rhodes to support the work of the staff at St Andrea’s foundation, dedicating time and offering caring love & happiness to the children.

Kind spirited Germany speaking volunteers; Anna from Wurttemberg, Kara from Berlin, Jule from Brandenburg and Clara from Bavaria, temporarily chose to help for the charity of Rose Pakakis, a non-profitable club, offering their services for children with special needs at the St. Andreas foundation.

Congratulation on your marvelous project Mrs. Rose Pakakis dedicated to the St. Andreas’s Foundation – Rhodes and we hope you will find other local volunteers to help out! 

Good luck for continuous support for the charity.