Collection of IKAROS – ICARO  Rhodian Ceramics  & Pottery creations  on show at  the “Palace of the Knights”

The IKAROS – ICARO exhibition with masterful collections dating back to 1928 -1988 takes place at the “Palace of the Knights”, Old town,  Rhodes on show until the end of 2018 by collector Giannos Ioannidis.

Rhodes has gained a great International reputation from the masterful collections of foreign ceramics which still decorate several houses in the town and the villages on the island, in particular in the village of Lindos.

The ceramics date back to the 16th and 19th centuries which came from the large ceramics factories of the Ottoman Empire (Iznik, Kiutachia, Canakkale), Italy (Fassa, Pesaro, Napoli), and the fresher ceramics mainly coming from the French and Dutch laboratories.



The Benaki Museum, Athens together with the Southern Aegean Region and the Archaeological Committee at the “Palace of the  Knights " in the Old Town  will cover in detail the history of the factories meticulously-researched and richly illustrated.   The exhibition enfolds the entire history of the ‘IKAROS- ICARO’ factory from 1928 to 1988, a history closely connected with the island of Rhodes.   

The IKAROS -ICARO factory produced art ceramics and was an important contributor to Rhodes economy during the Italian period as well as after the island’s unification with Greece. During almost 60 years of continuous operation, it produced an enormous variety of ceramics: decorative plates, vases, jugs, services, statuettes, female figurines in traditional costume, animal-shaped knickknacks etc. Its connection with local society was strong as it offered considerable opportunities for employment and produced items characteristic of 20th-century Rhodian manufactory.



The IKAROS - ICARO exhibition owes a lot to the ‘long and thorough’ research by Giannos Ioannidis, exhibiting an impressive collection of exquisite samples covering the full history of the factory over the years accompanied by rich photographic and archival material.

IKAROS – ICARO  A factory closely connected to Rhodes that has been a key element of the island's economy for many decades.




The company Industria Ceramiche Artistiche Rodio Orientali (I.C.A.R.O.) was established in 1928, with the aim to reproduce the so-called “Lindian” Iznik ceramics, which were considered as «Rhodian» or «Lindian» origin up to early 20th century because of a high focus on Rhodes.  

The Italian company was sold to the Rhodian entrepreneur Konstantinos  Hatzikostantis and renamed “IKAROS” at the time when the growth of tourism was evolving.   

In the 40 years of operation during the Greek period (1948-88) IKAROS employed more than 400 workers, especially young children to work on the design and the colors of the ceramics.  The factory operated until the end of 1987, but after the death of Mr.  Hatzikostantis the factory closed officially in 1988.

A wonderful exhibition not to MISSED!