Where’s that bird?  Can you spot some of the stars of the show!

Among one of the most colorful birds… The Peafowl is the term given to 2 species of bird which are members of the pheasant family.

he Indian Peafowl (Pavo cristatus) is a native bird to the Indian subcontinent and the Green Peafowl (Pavo muticus) breeds from east Burma to Java. Males are known as ‘Peacocks’ and females as ‘Peahens’.  This selective breeding has created some unusual color combinations, but wild birds are themselves bursting with vibrant hues.


You should definitely climb the mountain to Filerimos!  To admire the peacocks when they show off their beautiful plumage, you will never forget the specular show of their fine act well known for their magnificent, beautiful tail feather displays during courtship.

Admire the peacocks from afar, the can be short-tempered, they do like their privacy.  On your visit it’s chance to see the Filerimos monastery of “Our Lady” which shows the remains of ancient acropolis of Ialysos, one of the three ancient cities of Rhodes Island. 

A must, walk along a “Golgotha”, a tree sheltered pathway with a series of shrines with scenes of the Holly Passion.

This footway leads to an enormous imposing cross, from the top of which one can cherish the outstanding view of villages and bright green valleys that are generously stretched around. 




Rodini Park has probably been the first landscaped park in the world.  It was still popular with the Romans who even enriched the features of the complex with an aqueduct. The park has been arranged along a natural stream. This is an ideal environment for the peacocks which live and breed freely in the park.  It's a pleasure to visit Rodini Park to enjoy the cool walkway leading along the bank of the stream.

Rodini Park consists of a vast garden of flowers, ducks & peacocks amajestic natural beauty, with waterfalls, bridges and pavilions.  At the entrance you will be met by the beautiful presence of peacocks and their delightful show! 




The scent of pine on every breath, rustic bridges and trickling streams set the mood for “Epta Piges” (Seven Springs), found 30 km from the City of Rodos.  

The peacocks freely wander around the site and if they are not to be seen their penetrating cry is unlikely to be passed unnoticed. You can wander around the maize of footpaths searching out the source of each of the seven springs.  Lying across the entry road, a green lake with turquoise waters nestles in a pine clad gorge.

A sign posted footpath leads to it from the main site as does a tunnel carrying a stream. Countless of visitors have walked through the 610ft (186m) long dark tunnel but it is not recommended for claustrophobic, who may follow the sign posted alternate route.

Don’t forget to take pictures!  

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