Art lovers - “Places of Escape”

At the Modern Art Gallery (Old Sissitio), 179 Sokratous St., Medieval Town of Rhodes, talented artist Rena Avagianou exhibits her personal paintings entitled “Places of Escape”.

A few notes from critic, Athena Schina, the Art Historian & Culture Theorist and Chairman of the Artistic Committee of the Museum of Modern Art (Neohellenic Art).

"Rena's world is a unique, Avagianou fairytale, dreamlike. 

This visual artist with the source inspiration and sensuality, with its excellent design  studying the color of the palette in depth, which though not holding back the spontaneity, shapes space-time landscapes that present the viewer with a different one time dimension.

It is the "dimension" that pleases and surprises, at the same time, raises questions to all those who try to find it,  the atmosphericity and especially the style of the painter concerning the mediation between dream and reality, memory and everyday life , consciousness and sub consciousness, proximity and distances, "objectivity" and vision.”

Brief background:

Rena Avagianou - Previously worked as an architect and industrial designer. Since 1995 and until today, she teaches visual arts mainly in the Primary and Secondary schools of Greece.

Rena Avayianou has presented in four personal art exhibitions in Greece and also participated in numerous group exhibitions in Greece and abroad.  The last exhibition was in 2014 ‘Theorema Gallery’ (Brussels), past history ‘Art-Athina’ (Athens 2013), the International Art Competition: ‘Premio Internationale Spoleto Festival Art 2011’, in Spoleto, Italy, ‘L’Art en Capital’ (Grand Palais, Paris, 2010) and at the Museum of Modern Art in Cluz, Romania 2002. Her paintings are included in public and private collections responsible for the artwork of internationally-released cd covers and concert posters of the music band Sigmatropic.

Modern Art Gallery (Old Sissitio),

179 Sokratous St., Old Town

Artist: Rena Avagianou –

Exhibition open until

1st September 2018.

Open Daily 9:00 to 22:00 

Sunday - Monday: CLOSED