Giorgio Armani fashion designer in Rhodes!

Giorgio Armani, famous fashion designer arrived on his luxurious super yacht the “Maìn” which docked into the harbor of Rhodes recently, after sailing aroundsome of his favorite Greek islands,  Mykonos, Patmos and Symi.

Well Greek traditional food is high on the list of GiorgioArmani’s list!  Oneof his desiresis to eat the local dish of ‘Giaprakia’or Dolmades – (stuffed vine leaves with meat and rice). 

Taking a stroll in the Old Town with company, without a doubt, he didn’t forget to visit one of his favorite fish taverns“Alexis” and the opportunityto taste the Rhodian traditional tastes. 



During the meal, apart from the stuffed ‘Giaprakia’ he also ordered hot peppers and revealed his preference for crayfish amongst a wide choice of other dishes. During his visit he also set sail to Lindos, Giorgio Armani a man who truly has a great  passion for Greece and the Greek Islands.

The superyacht owner and fashion designer Giorgio Armani statement “he wants his clothes to have simplicity, elegance, comfort and function” no wonder then, that his 65 metre, Codecasa super yacht the “Maìn”color dark gray vessel follows suit, standing out from the rest which was admired by hundreds of residents and tourists in Rhodes.

That is certainly the stamp of Giorgio Armani!

Eye catching NEWS! Very soon Giorgio Armani will open his exclusive shop in co-operation with a local entrepreneur in one of the most characteristic buildings in Rhodes town.