Entrata Moda photo’s that say it ALL!

Two nights of success for Entrata Moda who won over the audience with applauses that were heard from afar!   

A truly thrilling event held by the Entrata Moda, Beyond Group, fashion team, which took place a few weeks ago in the harbor of Rhodes, presenting  the trends for their NEW collection Autumn-Winter 2018/2019,  with spokesmodels  wearing the new collection of women's and men's clothes, bridal wear and accessories. 

Here, we round up the highlights from the  Entrata Moda, Autumn 2018/Winter 2019 show, captured by superb photographers.

The BEST photographs reveal everything, from the natural scenery, with a backdrop of the UNESCO awarded medieval town of Rhodes, mixing charm, glamor, music, unique creations, inspiration on, fine fabrics, wonderful models, an evening full of amazing entertainment. 



Undoubtedly the most intense moment of the evening was offered by Volvo Velmar, when the VolvoXC40 - European Car of the Year 2018, blue  & white participated in the show  offering the ‘All-Day Test Drive VOLVO’  in the new Marina of Rhodes, following the second night of Entrata Moda launching the wedding line of the Handmade Giannetos exhibits from 1907 on the catwalk, and the adorable  "Graphi" and "Bruno", two wonderful dogs, who joined the models, with the marvelous magical sounds of the violin played by Leida, a perfect combination for a wedding ceremony show.

The Entrata Moda finished off with the presentation of Soli Dharma essential oils bearing the signature of Constantine Kaspiri, flooding the air with heady fragrances that impressed the spectators with beauty more diverse than ever with the magnificent horse ‘Tiesto’  standing so proud on the runway to remind everyone of the splendor in the air. 



A special and unique maritime touch was given by the Sea Dreams of the Aegean Naval Company, with a super runway set-up on board.

Art director, Konstantinos Kaspiris show organizer, and Emmanuela Aratzat,  head of Beyond Group, were completely satisfied with the aesthetic effects of this big event for  fashion and haute couture. 

The Beyond Group sincerely thanked all the sponsors and contributors for the enormous  inspiration given to the Entrata Moda event.  

fThe organizers also sent a warm embrace to the positive comments, which can only ‘PUSH’ the team to repeat such successful events, hopefully next year in Rhodes.