Brilliant photos captured in Rhodes

Famous Italian photographer Mr. Giorgio Filippini arrived in Rhodes to focus the lens on the splendor of the Medieval town, the masterpieces of art in the Archaeological Museum of Rhodes, the monuments and the natural beauties of the island, a magnet for inspiration, which will be featured in the renowned magazine ‘Bell’ ‘Europa’ in the Spring edition 2019. 

One looks at his work and you are amazed by his skills with an ability to bring his photos to life on the cover of magazines. Mr. Filippini’s work was sponsored by Department Manager, Ms. Kyriaki Boulasidou, from the Greek National Tourist Organization (E.O.T),  Milan and the Municipality Department of Tourism, Rhodes.

Mr. Giorgio Filippini’s greatest pride isn't his ad work, it’s the personal projects he's engaged in throughout his career, revealing his exceptional photography covering Italy and Europe.  



His recent shots of the beauties of Greece will adorn the covers of the magazine ' Bell ' Europa, in close collaboration with the magazine “In Viaggio". 

Giorgio Filippini especially fixates on the impressiveness of the Medieval City - a UNESCO World Heritage site - seizing the Gothic and Renaissance features, towers, churches, archways, cobblestone streets, the Palace of Grand Master (Castello) and the order of the Street of the Knights. 

Venturing further around the island to find the ancient ruins in Ialysos and Kameiros, saying "every corner of Rhodes is a walk into different cultures” the ethnic heritage along with the beauty of the landscape, the sunrise and sunsets on the beaches were captured though his eyes over six days working in Rhodes. 



Mr. Filippini could not of course overlook the fresher buildings, the monuments, the Italian architecture in the city of Rhodes and Kallithea, and carefully noticing the small traditional shops, and features of art found in the taverns, the local mezes and home cooked dishes in the villages, the  Italian photographer left the island, absolutely thrilled! 

For sure technology can never replace the raw elements and feelings that Giorgio Filippini brings into his photo shoots!