When you arrive in Rhodes do keep somethings in mind!

When Shopping…

While large franchise shops open until the evening on weekdays, smaller Greek shop owners usually have a siesta in the afternoon. Siesta hours can vary, some shops close for a few hours between 14:30-17:00.

The larger stores are open weekdays from 09:00-21:00 hrs, on Saturdays at 09:00-20:00 hrs, closed on Sundays. Don’t worry about last minute shopping for souvenirs to take back home though, the Old Town of Rhodes gift shops are generally open seven days a week 09:00 – 24:00 hrs., some even later!

What About Cut-offs?

Leave your ripped jeans and skimpy vest t-shirts in the closet if you’re considering going into a Greek Church or a Monastery, it’s considered pretty rude not to dress properly when you do so.

For genders, knees and shoulders should also be properly covered as ignoring these rules won’t win you any popularity contests among churchgoers. Religion is an important element of Greek life; there are numerous churches/monasteries/chapels across the island worth visiting. 

Greeks Bearing Gifts - You never know you might get invited!

If you get an invite to a Greek home super excited, are you? Well you better not show up empty-handed. Your hosts will expect a gift of some sort when you arrive. On “name days,” be sure to bring a present with you and hand it over as soon as you enter the house. Don’t get too stressed out over your gift choice, chocolates or flowers are just perfect it will place a thank you smile on their faces.

Be Careful In the Streets

When crossing the roads in Rhodes, use caution as drivers don’t generally pay attention to pedestrian crossings. It’s so irrational, in fact that a driver is more likely to make a sharp turn around you than actually slow down or stop to let you cross!  If you are going around with a rented a car, drive carefully. If you prefer to use taxis or public transport, both are easy to find around the island.  

Drinks All Round

The legal age limit for drinking is 18—16 if supervised, but this is more a suggestion than enforced. Watch your teens when vacationing as though some cafes and nightclubs have entrance signs against underage drinking, usually there are no ID checks at the door but some do.  Popular beers like Alpha and Mythos, retsina, a traditional wine, ouzo and tsipouro are traditional alcoholic beverages that Greeks love.

The Club Scene

Forget about heading out at 20:00 p.m. and partying till one in the morning.  Nope, get your club ticket—which is usually good for the first drink and party from after midnight, clubs normally fill up after 01.30 a.m. until sun rise. There will be lots of international music rocking you into the early hours.