“Club walkers” nature and culture exploration...

Ambassadors, from the ‘Club Walkers’, Mr. Edmond Deschepper and his partner Josselin Bircmont  from Belgium recently arrived in Rhodes travelling with  35 club members.  

3 years ago the partners were awarded  for their devotion to Rhodes, an honored by the Tourism Department, Municipality of Rhodes, with a pledge to bring other nature lovers over to Rhodes to introduce them to the stunning landscapes, sightseeing, monuments and the archaeological sites in Rhodes, admired by thousands!

Mr. Pascal Loncke /official guide enlightened the group to the natural beauties of the island, and sites not to be missed.

A jam-packed week was arranged shaped up for the Belgian group to explore and discover the  trails, the castles and the villages of Monolithos, Kritinia, Lindos, Kalithea and the Butterfly Valley including a visit to the  historical Monastery  ‘Kalopetra’ located on the summit of the valley.  The group set strides through the narrow streets of the Medieval Old Town, a chance to feel the medieval period and a time to taste the flavors of gastronomy, Rhodian style and entertainment in local events. 

A special event was held in one of the most amazing locations in Rhodes - ‘Kallithea Springs’. The Deputy Mayor of Tourism Mrs. Marisa Hadjilazarou welcomed the group, starting off with a tour of the awesome grounds, together with several other members of the staff from the Municipality of Rhodes. 

Handouts were given to the group with a rich selection of information on the island.  Finally, the Club Walkers had the chance to taste the Rhodian traditional sweets and drinks offered by ‘Pontikakis George & Co. – Capo Di Pane’ from Rhodes.

During the course of the visit,  in conversation with Mr. Deschepper,  Ms. Bricmont  and the Deputy Mayor,  thoughts  were exchanged on the possibilities for tourism during winter period  and a follow up summer club visit was already placed on the ‘Club Walkers’ agenda for 2018.   

The Ambassadors emphasized that Rhodes is an island with   ‘massive’ potential, from the unique beauty of nature and rare habitats.  Mrs. Hadjilazrou thanked the group for their love and devotion to Rhodes.